Wednesday, 29 April 2009

California Poppies

I went to see a very special friend the other day. Helen and I left school and started work together. Soon we were joined at the hip .. The weekends saw us trailing the country lanes and wandering over the Sidlaws. One day we set off to go to the Youth Hostel up the 'Glens'. My parents had warned us "No hitchhiking" .. we told them we were after the hiking part, and had no desire to 'cheat' and take a lift. After about 8 miles or so the enthusiasm was waring, mainly because we had eaten lunch before we even reached the Powrie Brae. A few miles after Kirriemuir the decision was made to 'hitch'. We heard a car coming, up went the thumb and low and behold the car drew up ... in it were my parents!! They refused to believe this was the first time ever we had taken a lift (and after the lecture, it were the last). I feared they would take us home, but they took us to our destination after making us promise our 'hitch' hiking days were over. We had a great weekend!!
Recently Helen and I met again after a break of 20 years, and it was as if the 20 years apart had never been. To take home, Helen gave me a freshly caught Rainbow Trout which her husband Kenneth had caught, and yes it was this size (<------------<) and a gorgeous bunch of bluebells. I look forward to the rest of our lives Helen ....

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Keith Tilley said...

What a lovely story Ingrid. I wish you many more happy years with Helen.