Monday, 31 October 2011

My Rose

Last week I spent a whole evening trying to paint a 'rose' ... I hated it. It was far too detailed and although that might had suited some, it just wasn't what I was looking for.
As I prepared to go to bed I picked up my brush and feeling totally frustrated swirled water round on the other half of the sheet. I dropped some pigment into the water, and low and behold in the space of two minutes I had my rose. It's not a perfect rose by any means, but it is far more pleasing to my eye than the one that went into the 'special file'!


Judy said...

Isn't it typical! I made my best paintings just trying out something just before bedtime.
It is a lovely rose!

Ingrid Ormestad said...

Many thanks Judy! :) I have very often found my 'quick doodles' to be amongst the paintings I like the most.

My first flower was a Geranium I did whilst talking to my daughter on the phone. I picked the brush up and let it trail over the paper, added the water and suddenly I had a flower!

Pat said...

Sometimes when we're not trying hard to be good we produce something perfect - just like your rose! Bravo xx

Barbra Joan said...

Yes, Yes, Ingrid this is you !!
I agree sometimes just when we're not trying at all it becomes 'art'.
I think it shows that we need to relax more, stop stressing, and worst of all fidgeting with it.
hugs, BJ

Keith Tilley said...

I often find that I prefer my sketches to my finished paintings. Not worrying about the result takes the pressure off and allows our creative side to flourish.

You've caught the softness and delicacy of the flower beautifully.

Jane said...

It is a beautiful rose , so sweet and soft...the way we all want them to look like.

Karen said...

Lovely work Ingrid!

Ingrid Ormestad said...

Pat, BJ, Keith, Jane and Karen. I am so sorry I haven't come back to this post, these past weeks have been up in the air. My little Robyn nudged a pan of water and badly burnt her thigh and hand. With that and 'life' I forgot to come back here, many apologies. Thank you all for your very encouraging and supportive comments. :)