Thursday, 27 October 2011


The shops have been so full of Pumpkins and I couldn't wait to come home and paint some. Did this painting this afternoon and I had a good time.
When I am sitting here, the window is just to the right of my desk, and I spend a lot of time looking up the small hill at the big skies! Today the sun shone and the sky was blue (yes I know it was raining down south) and there was I painting Halloween Pumpkins.
They say this winter is to be as harsh as the past two. Yes they were harsh, but what I remember most in those few snow filled months, was the beautiful blue shadows cast on the white snow by the sunshine. We had such lovely sunny days, and I know I would rather have sunny, snowy days than dreich, miserable days!


Barbra Joan said...

Oh, your pumpkins are great. I've never painted a pumpkin. !!! When you live in Florida it seems like summer all the time. Hard to get into these holidays, but the stores are not shy... they are full of autumn... so guess I will get a few pumpkins also.
hugs BJ

Ingrid Ormestad said...

Thank you so much BJ. :) I loved all the beautiful 'Autumn' displays when I was Florida. They really were spectacular and very artistic. I got this photo in the JWJ reference section, have a look! Hope to see you paint some pumpkins soon! Hugs! :)

Keith Tilley said...

Very nice and seasonal, Ingrid, but they don't seem to have any legs! ;-)

Ingrid Ormestad said...

Hahaha ... well spotted Keith:)) I couldn't help myself. Every pumpkin I saw was a different texture and colour, I just had to paint them! It's another lovely day down here, hope you have a great weekend! :)