Monday, 16 January 2012

"Ingrid Ormestad Art"

I changed the email address attached to this blog, but it turns out that although I did it successfully, I can no longer post to other blogs as 'me' (Ochil Art). Because of this I have made the decision to start a new blog. New Year, new email address and new Blog ... I hope you will join me at my new blog so we can continue sharing our Art ... and thank you for all the support and friendship you have all shown me.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

"Daisy Mk 2"

I decided to play around with Daisy and I think I prefer this version better. This is in fact the original watercolour I did but I finished it off in watercolour pencil. Both paintings were sent off to their new owner yesterday, I do hope Mike and his family like them.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

"Daisy" ... and a ~"Happy New Year"~

~Happy New Year"~ to you all!
I love this time of year, they say 'winter' officially starts on 21st December (the shortest day) and as far as I'm concerned Spring is just around the corner as soon as we reach January 1st! Lambs will soon appear in the fields, my 10ft Camellia is ready to burst into flower, snowdrops are popping their heads through the ground and the year is lying ahead for us to make the best of.
Have any of you made any New Year Resolutions? I want to make the best of each day, which I try to do anyway, and I hope to take my art a stage further by building a website.
"Daisy" is my first attempt with Watercolour Pencils. She is a lovely wee dog and belongs to friends who live in Somerset. I tried her first in watercolour, but wasn't happy with the result. I've no idea why I thought of pencil but feel happier with the result, and have to say I enjoyed every moment.


This is 'Dave' ... he is a lovely big soft lump belonging to my niece Susan and her partner Pete. This year I decided to make as many Christmas gifts as I could and Dave was one of them. I started knitting scarves for my three daughters .... I'll make sure they are finished by next Christmas! To knit means to sit in the lounge and watch TV and I am just not a TV person. In saying that, I watched "Goodnight Mr Tom" again, and loved it as much as I did the first time. Yesterday we watched "Just Henry", a drama we had taped starring Sheila Hancock, excellent viewing! I hope you all had a peaceful, happy Christmas!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

~"Merry Christmas"~

I would like to wish all who pass this way a very "Merry Christmas". I hope you each have a great day in which ever way you choose to spend it.
We will be at home with our children. There will be lots of chatter, lots of laughter and lots of food! Everyone makes something towards the meal and usually my daughters leave with 'doggy bags'.
May I also wish for each of you health and happiness in the coming year! Slainte!

Monday, 5 December 2011

"Purple Orchid"

I am always looking round for something to paint and I didn't notice this little beauty sitting on my kitchen window sill. It took me to break it off by mistake to give thought to painting it. Again, I really enjoyed doing this ... I'm just happy as long as I have a paintbrush in my hand!

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Last week I did this painting of my friend Linda's dog, Bracken. I find when I paint an animal I have to make a connection with them, I made the connection with Bracken long before I picked up my brush. Very sadly, Bracken died on Friday ... rest in peace lovely lady!